The Regional Strategy is a very comprehensive topic, and you will need to go through lots of resources to understand it well. These are some important links that can help you to understand this policy better.

Environment Agency

This site gives you information about the different environment issues like the flood, wastage, waterways, fisheries, etc. It also gives you information about the various environmental permits needed and important environmental data and maps.


This organization works towards improving the quality of working environment and culture to promote equality at the workplace. They conduct campaigns for trade unions and improve their effectiveness. It also helps to cut the rivalry between workers so that there can be a smooth work environment.

Network Rail

They operate the railway infrastructure in England, Scotland and Wales. It includes thousands of miles of track, bridges, tunnels, signals, level crossings, etc. They provide a safe experience for people who use this railway every day.


This site will tell you about the history of England. You will learn about the history in a different way; you will experience it. The site contains covers important historical events that took place in England.
These links will help you to understand the East Midlands Regional Strategy more. It will give you insights to the information that are used in designing this policy.