The East Midlands Regional Strategy will restructure the policy making in the East Midlands. It will draw together all the strategies including the spatial, economic, environmental and social strategies into a single document. This strategy will set a new long-term vision for the East Midlands region. The East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) and the East Midlands Leaders’ Board (EMLB) have helped in the preparation of this document.

According to the policy, the first Regional Strategy will be formed by combining the present Regional Economic Strategy and Regional Spatial Strategy. EMDA and EMLB will work with our partners across the region to come up with a new Regional Strategy for the East Midlands.

This website is created to provide information on the various aspects of this new policy making process. Support from you will be very helpful for successfully completing this task. The site will also contain information about different events that you can be part of. We hope you will give your support to this crucial task.