Welcome To East Midlands Regional Strategy Website!

The East Midlands Regional Strategy provides a development strategy for the East Midlands. It will incorporate spatial, economic, environmental and social strategies into one strategy. The strategy will act as a guide for the future. This project was initiated in 2010 by the East Midlands Leaders’ Board (EMLB) and East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA). They have taken the responsibility to prepare an integrated strategy for the East Midlands region.

Highlights Of The Strategy


• To provide a better connection between the regional and economic development by merging the Regional Economic Strategy and Regional Spatial Strategy.

• To provide guidance to the East Midland region’s planning and economic aspects.

• Evolution of the spatial planning framework of East Midland region.


The objective of this policy is to form an integrated strategy to improve the condition of the East Midlands region. It aims to develop this region so that there will be innovative businesses, skilled people, healthy community, and more. By the implementation of this policy, the East Midlands region will become a more attractive place to live in.

In order to implement this strategy, a lot of consultation is needed from various public, private and voluntary sectors in this region. The strategy will be based on comprehensive evidence that will point out the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Support from everyone is necessary to achieve the vision of this East Midlands Regional Strategy. The responsible authorities need to produce, publish and have an up-to-date plan for the implementation of this strategy. Here you will find the latest information about the strategy as it progresses to be implemented.